Music Star, Davido turns Santa Claus

The phrase ‘I call Lati’ is one that will continue to ring a bell for a long time. This is not because there is something special about the name, but it is because of the events that have surrounded these words in recent times.

Recently, a promise made by popular singer Davido that turned extremely sour. The 26-year-old musician had promised a young man N1 million during his recently held concert.

The promise was given to him due to his role in fighting for some ladies that were being ill treated. After the show, the young man took to calling Davido’s personal assistant named Lati who had been instructed to give him the money.

Some miscommunication happened between the young man and Lati, and this forced him to call out Davido for being unfaithful to his promise. The singer who was extremely humoured by his accuser took to making a counter video that was both hilarious and mocking.

Several Nigerians who understood the dynamics of the situation criticised the boy for being impatient. According to them, his impatience would cost him the promised money.

However, Davido, who recently called himself Santa, decided to surprise the young man and many of his fans by not only giving the guy the promised N1 million but also inviting him to his house to see him.

A video of the life-changing encounter has gone really viral. In the footage, the surprised young man was rejoicing, dancing and showering praises upon Davido for forgiving him and still giving him the money. He kept saying that Lati has eventually picked his call.

Even more, this young man was not alone. He came with his friend, the one who had influenced him to call out Davido. This friend was also very happy and excited that they eventually received the money.

Many Nigerians who have been thrilled all through the ‘I call Lati’ episode did not fail to comment on Davido’s recent action. Many of them appreciated Davido for being true to himself. But they also made fun of the young, supposedly impatient young man.

True enough, Davido’s recently held concert generated a lot of controversies, and due to the issues that it brewed, many people have given several mixed reactions to the event. What’s more, Lati was recently spotted on an occurence last year in which Davido generously gave to the start up of Lati’s oil and gas business.


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