Rapper Diddy Feels Betrayed by Ex-Girlfriend Cassie after she allegedly Cheated on Him


Sean “Diddy” Combs is finally moving on from ex-girlfriend Cassie, and for good reason.

It was gathered that the Rapper Diddy feels betrayed after learning that Cassie supposedly cheated on him with the trainer he paid for.

While the pair split several months ago, Diddy believes the illicit affair between Cassie and Alex Fine started before they officially called it quits, and when he was still paying for Fine’s services.

Furthermore, Cassie officially started dating the bull rider not long after her breakup from the rapper. The singer made the romance Instagram official on December 30, when she shared a photo of herself smooching the celebrity trainer at a Christmas party.

It looks like Diddy is going into the New Year with a positive outlook on the situation though. The 49-year-old shared a video of a motivational speaker preaching about how 2018 “was designed to show you who everybody is… because they could not come into 2019.”

Despite the affair, The Couple made a decision to remain friends.” It’s also worth mentioning that the rapper and singer were on and off for more than a decade.

Even after their split, Diddy and Cassie remained on good terms, especially following the death of Diddy’s ex Kim Porter. One month after the couple parted ways, they reunited in Los Angeles. A source told E! News exclusively, “Cassie reached out to Diddy… sending him a text message checking up on him and expressing her condolences.”

The Rapper was “pleasantly surprised” to hear from his ex and was “very touched by her thoughtful text,” the insider revealed.

Perhaps that is why the artist continued to try and woo the 32-year-old on social media. On December 30, Diddy shared a photo of his longtime girlfriend sitting in a tub, alongside a heart emoji. But, it looks like he has realized it is time to move on.

Cassie’s representative has yet to respond to request for comment.


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