Sisters Feud! Kylie and Kendall Jenner currently can’t stand each other

Kylie Jenner is rubbing her 900 Million Fortune on sister Kendall whose network 50 Million.

The reality star sisters supposedly “can’t stand each other” and aren’t happy to see each other succeed.

Kylie famously made the cover of Forbes for being the youngest upcoming self-made billionaire, while Kendall is expected to be worth around $50 million.

A source told the publication: “There’s so much envy between these two, it’s as though they’re not happy when the other’s doing well.

“Kylie really rubs it in and it’s been a big issue lately, because Kendall’s on the ascendency with her modelling. And that’s gotten Kylie looking over her shoulder.”

The insider added: “What’s crazy is that they’re both impossibly spoiled and have been rich since birth, but nothing seems to be enough and their greed knows no bounds.”

Standard Online has contacted representatives of the pair for comment.

The reports come after Kendall landed a deal to become the face of skin care brand Proactiv.

But things took a sour turn for the supermodel as fans hit out at the star for claiming the products had cleared up her skin.


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