Khole Kardashian Striking resemblance to Kylie Jenner is Freaking fans out


At this point, we’re more familiar with the Kardashians than we are our own families.

Now, maybe we’re getting too familiar with them, or they’re getting too familiar with themselves, because the Kardashians appear to be slowly morphing into one another.

It started earlier this week when Kris Jenner got a fringe and we didn’t know if we were double tapping on her, or Kim’s feed.

Maybe it’s the see-through roll neck, maybe it’s the makeup, or maybe the Kardashians have infiltrated our lives so much, we’re no longer able to distinguish them from one another. Either way, Khloé has now morphed into Kylie and we really don’t know how we’re going to cope if this family keeps expanding.

Taking to Instagram, Khloé posted an absolute thirst trap of a picture, showing her new platinum blonde hair.

Looking tastier than any snack we have in our bag right now, fans were quick to comment that Khloé looked a lot like little sister Kylie in the pic.

“I always think these pictures are Kylie Jenner. It’s insane how much they look alike!”

“@Kyliejenner this looks identical to you”

Or as one person put it… “Did this used to be Khloé Kardashian?”

I mean, they could be onto something…

Or maybe it’s just two sisters who have bleached their hair.


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