Rkelly daughter calls him out “You’re a Monster”


One would think R.Kelly would be having major support at this time of his life from his family but it appears far from it as his daughter, Joan Lee Kelly, has called him a monster!

she took to her Instagram page on where she posted quite a long post on her insta stories.

According to Joan also known as Buku Abi, it is a known fact that she doesn’t have a relationship with her father over the last couple of years. She went on to apologise for her silence since the famous #SurvivingRKelly documentary hit the TV screens.

She went on to pray for the families who have been affected by the assault allegations leveled against R.Kelly. Finally, she disassociated her mother and her siblings from the idea of supporting the music icon of the negative things he has been accused of.

Talking about people distancing themselves from R.Kelly, we can recall that music star, Lady Gaga had come out to vow she will no longer be working with him anymore and has since taking down the song they made together.

In her statement, she stands by all the women who have suffered in the hands of R.Kelly.

She went to talk about the idea behind the song she made with R.Kelly (Do What U Want With My Body) which according to her was made at a point in her life when she was angry following a sexual assault and still trying to process the trauma she was going through and she feels bitter that Rkelly did se to women out there.


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