Justin Bieber not putting down his wedding on hold admist Selena Gomez breakdown


Justin Bieber is not putting his wedding to Hailey Baldwin on hold because he can’t get over his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Bieber’s new wife is holding out for a “big white wedding” following the couple’s marriage ceremony at a New York City court house in September, but the singer is stalling amid the drama surrounding Gomez, who spent the past couple of months in a mental health facility. An alleged insider reports that Bieber and Baldwin had been “discussing plans for months” prior to Gomez checking into treatment, “but now Hailey is worried that it’s never going to happen.”

“Justin feels terrible about Selena’s breakdown and he doesn’t want to send her over the edge by having a big A-list wedding.” “He’s trying to be respectful because he’ll always care about Selena, but it’s frustrating Hailey to no end.” Baldwin believes “she should be Justin’s priority” and is “putting her foot down” about having a wedding, but her husband “still has a soft spot for his first love.”

A source reported last week that Bieber and Baldwin’s wedding is still in the works. The publication noted that the spouses haven’t set a date yet, but “they’ve been figuring out the perfect time to do it, and they both feel like the sooner, the better.” As for the ceremony, “they’re working with the schedules of all their friends and family to make sure they can be surrounded by the people they love,” says the reputable magazine, which further notes that the newlyweds are “very excited about throwing a celebration with their loved ones.”

Meanwhile, A source reveals the singer’s ex-girlfriend hasn’t impacted his wedding plans in any way. Gomez’s recent stint in a rehab facility is a completely separate issue from Bieber and Baldwin’s nuptials.


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